Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Privileged Denial

Privileged Denial or PD:  The act of denying that an act is racist, sexist, homophobic, or that anyone should be offended by it.  

The phrase "Political Correctness"  or "PC" is often used by people engaged in "PD" as something to be avoided or to be ashamed of.   Like using language that doesn't revel in stereotypes or hurts people is a bad thing. Below are some examples.  trigger alert, below are a lot of PD...users...PD engagers...PD-bags?

Folks who engage in PD often wear costumes or throw themed parties or use problematic language and wonder why people are upset.


PD users often accuse others of being hyper sensitive or unreasonable.


PD'ers will use the language of civil rights leaders and human justice workers to make their ugly arguments.  Always quoting out of context and missing the point.


P-D-bags often accuse others of having "cards" and request others stop "playing" them.  As if acknowledging reality makes something real. This is because PD-bags believe denying something causes it not to exist. 



PD can also be expressed as denying that racism, sexism, homophobia etc exist at all.


 PD phrases are often preceded by "This isn't racist...", "I don't hate gay people..." or "Women need to get over..." or "My name is Sarah Palin..." 




Examples of PD can be found in the comments section of the entire internet


 Real comments read by Stella Choe and Scott Beehner from Ken Tanaka's viral video "What Kind of Asian are You?"!


  1. Thank you for this..we were talking about this in my Columbia class today..

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    PD bags.
    PD. Bags.
    PD BAGS.

  3. A school that we have been working with recently got bombed with thinly veiled racist comments after a fight in the halls led to bad press. (Google Julian hs). One question I have is how to use social media to stand up creatively