Friday, April 04, 2014

#CancleColbert? aka Claudia defends a white man

i'm having this weird feeling defending a rich white dude (especially when so many of his defenders are foul sexist or racist) but dang…

In a nutshell Colbert does a sketch.  Someone tweets a line from his sketch.  The point of the sketch is racist stuff is racist even when it’s a foundation that is giving stuff to the marginalized group it’s being racist towards.   Suey see’s the tweet and gets mad heated and starts a hash tag #canclecolbert on the twitter and gets all her friends to do the same and folks gets cray cray on the twitter for reals!

I’ma be real.  I think sista might be confusing activism and publicity.  Just a little bit. Cause now everyone is talking Suey this and Suey this and that.  Who is paying attention to the punchline of the joke?   But who am I to talk?  Not like I’m trying to get famous with my little blog but I get paid for my political poetry and I’m totes cool with that.  And it aint anyones place to say who get’s to be offended at what, but dang….

i saw the sketch. he's funny. he's anti-racist. that's the point of the sketch.

My pal on the facebook says it’s not cool cause Colbert is punching DOWN and that type humor is never cool.  But I’m all no he’s punching ACROSS.  He’s punching the Redskins not the Asians. Dan Snyder is the butt of the joke.  But seriously who the heck am I to have an opinion?  I’m not Asian. I’m not Native American.  I’m black and gay but I don’t think that counts.  I only recently attended a football game.  but dang...

"If folks put a fifth of the energy they are spending defending Colbert into calling and emailing Dan Snyder and company to demand they change the name of the Washington team in support of Native people, that would be the subject of a dozen major news outlet’s stories instead of this. If people put that same energy into supporting POC comedians like W. Kamau Bell, Hari Kondabolu, Gloria Bigelow, Pia Glenn, and so many others to control our own narratives, TV would already look a lot different than it does.
We don’t need white racial satire. Let’s invest in something else."
but dang...

sorry mia
sorry suey
sorry all y’all upset
justified or otherwise
but i do need white allies
and i need people who make me laugh
colbert does both and more power to him
that shit was funny

maybe I'm on the wrong side of this debate.  but that's ok.  POC's are not always right.
at least we're talking about these things.

also I wouldn't even be tripping over the redskins foundation if i hadn't heard about it on this rich white man's comedy show.



  1. Go Claudia! Yes, it's not an either-or choice between activism & humor! Without satire--which is sometimes social critique at it's best, hey J Swift--and without laughing at this crazy world sometimes, lots of us would have just a little more trouble getting out of bed in the morning and doing much of anything useful :) ....we need our Colberts, our Swifts.

  2. Claudia Alick6:01 PM

    and it looks like no one reads this thing) Love some Swift and love some Colbert. I found the hastag folks should be using btw! @claudiaalick if you are really mad about the redskins this is the hashtag #Not4Sale Read more at

  3. Claudia Alick6:02 PM

    Love your comment and not just because it looks like no one reads this thing) Love some Swift and love some Colbert. I found the hastag folks should be using btw! @claudiaalick if you are really mad about the redskins this is the hashtag #Not4Sale Read more at

  4. i had seen and liked some of your comments on SoB. then i read the green screen poem - which kicks major asses. so i decided to poke around.

    the tweet that was sent from @colbertreport was not right. you can't take that shit out of context and then put it on blast and think people are gonna have any way to frame it and have it be okay. BUT he didn't tweet it - his twitter is @stephenathome. and what's more - he came out and said so and agreed that floating that out there was messed the hell up. and, maybe i missed it, but suey never seemed to even acknowledge that and that bothered me.

    on the other hand, the fact that so many "white allies" (full disclosure . . . i'm walking around in white skin) immediately said "but but but. . . " before looking into it.

    i admit; when i first heard my mind immediately jumped to making an excuse for him because i adoooore him. but after about 45 seconds of that i took a deep breath and sighed and thought well, that sucks - for me and him (after watching him talk about the death of his mother i believe that he is the type of person who would actually feel bad if he felt responsible for hurting other people; maybe i'm naive).

    so; maybe they were right for the wrong reasons? i mean - how are you an ally (i don't know that i'm feeling that word anyway but. . ) if you immediately make your decision for someone else that they have no business being offended. you have to at least listen.

    to play devil's advocate on rachel murphy's comment tho - swift was himself irish and while i don't think that means that colbert can't use this road - he must remember to tread more lightly. which is really what i've personally got out of all this - a little self reflection about whether i rely to much on the glib and the sarcastic and where and when that is useful and where it insulates me from a pain that i don't have to feel if i choose to close my eyes to it. i'm much less conflicted by things like kristen schaal mocking women's issues because it's my prerogative to laugh at issues that i face myself. to that end; if you've never seen this . .. . .

    now i'm gonna go poke around some more :)


    i hear you cassdawn (and love that my random comments on SOB made an impact!) satire is tricky business. weighing in on what should or shouldn't offend folks is even trickier. these are deep waters that we like to play in.